About Us

Peripheral Hospitals Emergency Medicine Conference is a non-profit organisation devoted to teaching and learning in Emergency Medicine. Since 2002, PHEMC has been producing and delivering innovative education in the form of two annual conferences. PHEMC collaborates with the Australian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM), Australian Society of Career Medicial Officers (ASCMO) and Australian Society of Emergency Medicine (ASEM) to ensure that its conferences are both at the forefront of scientific education and also relevant and accessible to all emergency medicine practitioners. These conferences are the Spring Seminar and the Evidence Review.


Spring Seminar on Emergency Medicine

Our organisation’s first conference was the Peripheral Hospitals Emergency Medicine Conference in the Hunter Valley in NSW in 2002. Initial collaboration between interested emergency doctors, ASEM, and ASCMO, led to an Emergency Medicine conference aimed at providing state of the art information to all emergency clinicians, primarily for those outside the main city centres. This annual conference is now called the Spring Seminar in Emergency Medicine (SSEM), and is inclusive of all emergency health professionals.

With SSEM, we aim to provide a family friendly structure, stunning locations, and excellent content with advanced audio-visual and other educational techniques. Our previous locations have included Port Douglas, Launceston, Broome, Byron Bay, Alice Springs and recently Rotorua and have been wonderful opportunities both for families to come together, and for networking between professionals.

As SSEM is held in a different location within Australasia every year, it is presented in conjunction with a local organizing committee of emergency practitioners. This represents an opportunity to shape educational content, and to share current experiences and different perspectives.

Registration is as simple as visiting our SSEM page.


Evidence Review in Emergency Medicine

The Evidence Review is provided by PHEMC in collaboration with the NSW faculty of the Australian College of Emergency Medicine. This is a strongly academic, cutting edge, rigorous analysis of emergency medicine literature, held annually in New South Wales.

Specialists in emergency medicine will find this 2 day symposium an ideal forum for keeping abreast of current and emerging trends.

Registration is as simple as visiting our Evidence Review page.

Geriatric Emergency Medicine Seminar

For the first time this year and a group of interested clinicians hosts GEM SEM. We are pleased to be  presenting lectures and discussions on hot topics in GEM with the latest clinical opinions from colleagues across a range of relevant disciplines.

Organising Committee

The current committee membership of PHEMC is:

Greg McDonald, Gayle McInerney, Guruprasad Nagaraj, Peter Roberts, Clare Skinner, Mary Webber, Ross White


We are always looking for fresh ideas and input. If you are interested in becoming involved or joining the committee please let us know.

Previous Committee members include:

Peter Freeman & Annabel Jeffery, Annabel Somerville & Theona Stone, Peter Arvier & Stuart Davidson, Alan Tankel & Paul Spillane & Sue Lavender, Sue Phillips & Casey Parker & Gavin Osgarby & Andrea Rieusset, Will Sargent & Sandra Brownlea & Antony Robinson, Andrew Perry & Joy Trerasure.


PHEMC partners with Conference Magic for professional conference organizing services.