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Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie Park, NSW

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Wednesday 29 July 2020 

Yes, it looks like a few of us really can meet face to face to confer about COVID.

Now, during this lull in the pandemic in NSW, you have the chance to become as up-to-date as anyone in the world.

The Australasian Society for Emergency Medicine and PHEMC.org have gathered some of the best minds in Emergency Medicine and other relevant fields to provide the information you need to understand and manage COVID. We don’t know if this is the calm before the storm, the eye of the cyclone, or the moment when the game changes. But we need to equip ourselves, however we can, to weather this plague.

The picture is changing rapidly, so the lead-time for this one-day conference is short. Right now, a small number can meet for education in a room with four square meters each, so take advantage of this and join us for a series of talks and discussions about clinical and contextual aspects of COVID. We have significantly limited numbers, so you will have to be quick.

Most Emergency Medicine clinicians are quite reasonably concerned for ourselves, our patients and our communities. Use education to arm yourself for the challenge, plus de-stress and debrief with colleagues.