Novotel Northbeach Wollongong, NSW

1, 2, 3 March


It’s time again for safe harbour! You’ve survived another year at sea in the storms and squalls of Emergency Medicine. Always on the lookout for a pilot to safe harbour? Well here it is! Evidence Review in Emergency Medicine 2017 is just the pilot you’re after and Wollongong Harbour is just the safe haven you need to replenish your stores and refocus your perspectives.

Why not drop anchor and let a group of entertaining experts load your holds with the latest evidence in a relaxed atmosphere. Like all good harbour services the meeting is rigorous and efficient. The content will be academically sound, and free of industry sponsorship as usual with the tried and true format that is conducive to open discussion and questions. The presentations always involve high levels of interaction and discussion with many an old sea salt chipping in with their tales of sea monsters and sirens.

As with previous years the main evidence review will be preceded by a one day workshop. The workshop venue is again the wonderful Illawarra Shoalhaven Health Education Centre. For those who feel they’re drowning these sessions will include SIM sessions on challenging airway and breathing scenarios as well as a chance to brush up on your ultrasound skills.

This year for the first time we will be incorporating a NSW Faculty Dinner and awards night to welcome New Fellows and to recognize those who have notably contributed to Emergency Medicine in the state and more broadly.

The main venue will once again be the Novotel Northbeach surrounded by parks and beaches, cafes and boutique restaurants. Early March is a delightful time to be by the beach in North Wollongong.


The workshop day is Wednesday March 1st, and the evidence review is on Thursday and Friday March 2nd and 3rd.

You will return to sea refreshed, primed and ready to face the tempests.

We hope to see you there.


Andrew Bezzina, Sanj Fernando, Peter Roberts & Gina Watkins

Organising Committee

This meeting is a collaboration between NSW faculty of ACEM and


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