A great time of the year for bird watching with lots of migration.

Within minutes of leaving the city, visit monsoon forest in search of the endemic Rainbow Pitta, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Varied Triller and Brown Whistler; then go to a nearby rocky coastline in search of shorebirds, Sacred Kingfisher and sometimes Beach Stone-curlew.

A walk in the mangroves, along a boardwalk to the mudflats, with a pleasant landing that allows us to sit, listen and observe while various waders, Red-headed Honeyeaters, Broad-billed Flycatchers, Collared Kingfishers, and others come into sight. Visit some savannah woodland habitat for Forest Kingfisher, Double-barred and Long-tailed Finch, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Spangled Drongo and others. WOW!