Our People and Committee

Organising Committee

Current committee membership of PHEMC is:

Kate Cush, Vijay Manivel, Clare Skinner, Peter Roberts, Ross White

We are always looking for fresh ideas and input. If you are interested in becoming involved or joining the committee, please let us know.

The initial creators of the GOOD resource were Henry Elbourne-Binns, Geetha Gokul Naidu, James Hayes, Irene Ho, Katharine Hopping, Tatiana Lowe, Diane Premnath, Peter Roberts, Luke Summers, Jenny Sze, Alan Tankel, Kavita Varshney.

Previous committee members include:

Peter Freeman & Annabel Jeffery, Annabel Somerville & Theona Stone, Peter Arvier & Stuart Davidson, Alan Tankel & Paul Spillane & Sue Lavender, Sue Phillips & Casey Parker & Gavin Osgarby & Andrea Rieusset, Will Sargent & Sandra Brownlea & Antony Robinson, Andrew Perry & Joy Treasure, Jo Deverill.

PHEMC partners with Conference Magic for professional conference-organizing services.