About Us

Peripheral Hospitals Emergency Medicine Conference is a non-profit organisation devoted to teaching and learning in Emergency Medicine. has grown from the first conference in 2002, called the Peripheral Hospitals Emergency Medicine Conference to become a significant part of the Australian and New Zealand Emergency Medicine establishment.

PHEMC collaborates with the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) and previously with Australian Society of Career Medicial Officers (ASCMO) and Australian Society of Emergency Medicine (ASEM).

Spring Seminar on Emergency Medicine

The annual Spring Seminar on Emergency Medicine is family friendly, inclusive, state of the art education. The location is typically in regional centres.

As SSEM is held in a different location within Australasia every year, it is presented in conjunction with a local organizing committee of emergency practitioners. This represents an opportunity to shape educational content, and to share current experiences and different perspectives.

Evidence Review in Emergency Medicine

The annual NSW Evidence Review is held in collaboration with ACEM and forms the NSW Annual Scientific meeting. It provides cutting edge, up to date academic analysis of the latest medical evidence. This is a strongly academic, cutting edge, rigorous analysis of emergency medicine literature, held in New South Wales.

GEMSEM (Geriatrics and Emergency Medicine Seminar)

In collaboration with the Geriatrics section of ACEM, PHEMC and a group of interested clinicians hosts GEM SEM.

GOOD (Guidelines Of Others Displayed)

GOOD is both a conference and a resource. Emergency Physicians and trainees meet to confer and collaborate on curating a major resource of links to existing guidelines from reputable sources. Users of GOOD or GOODEM know that they will find a succinct guideline useful in the clinical moment and accessible to Emergency Clinicians in public hospitals in Australia and New Zealand. also assists some smaller or more local conferences.

Adopting the principles of FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical education) has created a vast library of videos of previous conference presentations.

Organising Committee

The current committee membership of is Kate Cush, Vijay Manivel, Clare Skinner, Peter Roberts.